Our members love us, and we are very proud of the community we have built at DIG Fit. From seasoned athletes, to total newcomers—we'll all in this together.


"I'm in the Salem area for three months for work. When I got here I tried out a few other boxes in the area, however DIG instantly made me feel at home. The members of the DIG community remembered my name from the get-go and made me feel immediately welcome!

The box itself has a great vibe, is clean, and well equipped. I come everyday wanting to be better and learn more. The coaches here are incredibly knowledgeable, detailed, and provide me with instruction to become an overall better athlete.

I don't usually do reviews, but I did this one because I really would recommend this place to anyone—a beginner or an experienced lifter!"

Erica Holtmeyer


"Gyms are collections of equipment. You need nothing but yourself and space to workout. Requiring anything else is excuse making. But some gyms are also collections of people, all with the same goal of being healthy, strong, fast. DIG is this. It is great people all rooting for each other. I love everyone here!"

Eddie Shannon Black


"After years of searching for the right gym, the right routine, or the right workouts to stay motivated and engaged, I've finally found a place to call home at DIG. The coaches, community and constantly varied workouts keep you motivated and coming back for more.

If you're still searching for your right place, give DIG a try and I'm sure you will be instantly hooked! Couldn't imagine going anywhere else!"

Rachel Brozovich


"Incredible gym, great coaches and phenomenal community! I am based in Denver and travel for work so I drop in to about 8 different venues per month for the last 5 years. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to gyms in Oregon and the West—DIG Fitness is one of the best I have encountered!

The people were extremely welcoming and the space, equipment, coaching and fellow athletes were awesome! If I lived in Salem I would definitely join this gym.

Keep up the great work!"

Jeremy Stelter


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